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Printing and Packaging at City Media Group

At City Media Group (Pvt) Ltd, we redefine printing and packaging with a blend of creativity and precision. Our expert team collaborates with clients to transform concepts into tangible, eye-catching products. Whether it's designing innovative packaging solutions or creating visually striking printed materials, we merge cutting-edge technology with artistic flair. From concept to completion, we ensure that your brand's identity is not just printed but passionately presented. With a commitment to quality and detail, City Media Group (Pvt) Ltd takes printing and packaging to new heights, delivering products that captivate and leave a lasting impression. Elevate your brand with our bespoke printing and packaging services, where every detail matters and excellence is our standard.

Banner Printing


Books & Booklets print

Books and Booklets

Business Stationary Print

Business Stationary

Print Invitation Cards

Card Invitation

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Print Flyers & Leaflets

Flyers & Leaflets


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Print Perforation


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Print Roller Banner

Roller Banners

Shop Front Sign

Shop Front Signs

Hording Board

Hording Boards

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics

PVC & Mesh Banner

PVC & Mesh Banner

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Spot UV

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Stickers & Labels

Next day Printing

Next day Printing

Printing expert

Meet the print expert

Discover the faces behind your successful prints at City Media Group (Pvt) Ltd. We take pride in the human touch that accompanies every order. Our dedicated team, from client service advisors providing support throughout your order journey, to the meticulous in-house Studio team ensuring artwork perfection before print, and the hands-on dispatch team personally hand-packing your order, is committed to excellence at every step. Meet the real people passionate about your print's success, ready to help you achieve your business goals with the precision and care that only a dedicated team can offer. Your success is our priority, and at City Media Group (Pvt) Ltd, we bring a personal touch to every print, ensuring it's in the hands of experts who truly care.